-- a self-proclaimed CREATRESS


singer-songwriter, actress, model, content creator, 

multifaceted woman of many gifts, with creativity and honest expression being the core of them all. As a Louisiana native with a music-based upbringing, my love for music and the eagerness to develop my voice and songwriting started innately at a tender age, and still grows today. As a result of getting my start in the industry as a professional vocalist, I have worked for many well-known artists, singing and performing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, The Voice, NPR's Tiny Desk, Black Girls Rock , the IHeart Radio Music Awards, and Kanye West's Sunday Services.

In reference to the 'Chaynler Joie flow' artistry in its entirety -- it is rooted in authenticity, adaptability, and honest expression -- with a heavy emphasis on vocal aesthetic, range, and genre diversity.  Tap into my debut EP, 'Searching & Finding' available on all platforms, and my 'hidden gems' on Soundcloud that feature remakes and covers of some of my favorite songs. *click the music tab*

My debut album, "THE RESISTANCE WILL NOT WIN' will be available March of 2021.