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Welcome to my Flow Cultivation blog!

My intentions are for my words to resonate with you in some way that is insightful and growth-inducing.

Cultivating your FLOW is key to a healthy body, mind & spirit; and if sharing my expressions, insight, knowledge, and advice is something that can help make that happen then this blog is a success. Here you'll find good reads and free game from my heart to yours!


~ check out the monthly #VibesForYoAss category for each month's recommended books, movies/documentaries/videos, foods/recipes, businesses and events to support, and whatever else I feel is worth sharing and knowing about. I truly got some vibes for yo' ass!

~ Lessons of the Week is more of a personal blog where I share the top lessons that God/Universe teaches me each week; elaborating on each one and how it can be used in everyday life.

~ Chaynler Joie Flow will be various subjects covering different parts of the individual and collective spectrum! Enjoy!